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think about this tho
with full sleeve tattoos that lead to his chest and shoulder blades

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I support thick thighs

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Uuhhhuhuuuuuhuhhh Internet still not set up properly. So I can only be online when I’m on campus.

Today was the first day of classes and I guess my first two seem alright.

Okay hope ya’ll have a wonderful day

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Hi. I will continue to be off the radar for the next few days. My new apartment is p okay. I still need to set up my Internet so yeah.

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Kiyoshi Teppei
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"Tanaka, stop making that face."

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when we was young, man did we have fun

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Losing power in five nights at Freddy’s


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reminder that not only did haru walk all the way to the swim club to hand makoto his lunch,


but he also waited for hours (until the evening) for makoto to finish his work…


even if you don’t ship makoharu you have to admit that’s some pretty damn good friendship right there.

haru’s also known for not bringing his mobile phone with him, and i don’t think he swam while he was there; how boring must waiting have been for him?

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Red Vs Blue

Church: It’s like some type of cat

Tucker: What like a puma?


Mercury: I think he was some sort of cat

Emerald: What like a Puma?

RWBY Podcast

Miles: I think he was some kind of cat actually

Kerry: Yeah like a Puma?

Miles: Yeah, there you go

Monty: Is that an actual cat?

Kerry: No its a shoe

Miles: *gets up* i can’t

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